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Table 1 Epigenetic drugs for cancer therapy approved by FDA

From: Epigenetic modulators as therapeutic targets in prostate cancer

Drug Comercial name Company Class Year of approval Treatment type Cancer
5-Azacytidine Vidaza® Celgene Corporation DNMTi 2004 Single agent Myelodysplastic syndrome
5-Aza-2′-deoxycytidine Dacogen® Eisai DNMTi 2006 Single agent Myelodysplastic syndrome
Vorinostat/SAHA Zolinza® Merck Pan-HDACi 2006 Single agent Cutaneous T cell lymphoma
Romidepsin Istodax® Celgene Corporation Class I HDACi 2009 Single agent Cutaneous and peripheral T cell lymphoma
Belinostat Beleodaq® Spectrum Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Pan-HDACi 2014 Single agent Peripheral T cell lymphoma
Panobinostat Farydak® Novartis Pan-HDACi 2015 Combination with bortezomid and examethasone Multiple myeloma