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Table 2 KEGG pathway analysis of the DMGs in plasma cf-DNA in different stage of HCC developmen

From: Genome-wide methylation profiling of the different stages of hepatitis B virus-related hepatocellular carcinoma development in plasma cell-free DNA reveals potential biomarkers for early detection and high-risk monitoring of hepatocellular carcinoma

Stage Term Count % PValue Genes
Early hsa04080:Neuroactive ligand-receptor interaction 9 4.71 1.35E-03 HTR1A,S1PR5,HTR7,GIPR,GRIK4,P2RY6,MTNR1B,GABBR1,ADRB1
hsa00150:Androgen and estrogen metabolism 3 1.57 4.02E-02 LCMT2,SRD5A3,SULT2B1
hsa00140:Steroid hormone biosynthesis 3 1.57 5.96E-02 CYP1B1,SRD5A3,SULT2B1
Middle hsa04020:Calcium signaling pathway 6 2.87 2.61E-02 TNNC2,AVPR1A,ITPR3,PDE1C,BST1,ADRB3
hsa05200:Pathways in cancer 7 3.35 9.31E-02 RARA,SHH,GSTP1,PAX8,WNT10B,MMP9,APC2
hsa05217:Basal cell carcinoma 3 1.44 9.79E-02 SHH,WNT10B,APC2
hsa04080:Neuroactive ligand-receptor interaction 6 2.87 9.82E-02 GPR35,AVPR1A,NPBWR1,VIPR1,ADRB3,S1PR5
Late hsa04080:Neuroactive ligand-receptor interaction 9 3.9 1.15E-03 HTR2C,GABRG3,MLNR,GPR83,ADRA1A,S1PR4,GALR2,ADORA3,ADRB3
hsa05200:Pathways in cancer 8 3.46 1.88E-02 FGF8,CDKN2A,WNT10A,RET,SPI1,BMP2,MMP9,BCR