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Table 1 BladMetrix performance in the discovery and hematuria urine series

From: BladMetrix: a novel urine DNA methylation test with high accuracy for detection of bladder cancer in hematuria patients

  Discovery series (n = 112) Hematuria series (n = 273)
Conclusive patients 87.5% (98/112) 93.0% (254/273)
Sensitivity 95.7% (22/23) 92.1% (82/89)
Specificity 94.7% (71/75) 93.3% (154/165)
NPV NR 98.1%*
PPV NR 77.5%*
Spared cystoscopies NR 56.4%**
  1. The number of conclusive patients, sensitivity, specificity, NPV, PPV and spared cystoscopies are shown for the discovery series (consisting of 26 bladder cancer patients, 18 prostate cancer patients, 12 renal cancer patients and 56 healthy controls) and the hematuria series (consisting of 273 patients with gross hematuria, including 93 patients with a confirmed bladder tumor)
  2. NR Not relevant
  3. *Calculated from sensitivity, specificity and a prevalence of 20%
  4. **Calculated as the rate of true negatives among all patients in the series (undergoing cystoscopy with the current standard)