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Table 5 Summary of Gene Ontology (GO) enrichment analyses of cord blood differentially methylated regions (DMRs)

From: Prenatal metal exposure, cord blood DNA methylation and persistence in childhood: an epigenome-wide association study of 12 metals

Cr Biosynthetic and metabolic processes of glycoproteins, organonitrogen compounds, and carbohydrate derivatives (BP)
  Positive regulation of protein metabolic process (BP)
  Negative regulation of signaling and response to stimulus (BP)
  Regulation of cell death and apoptosis (BP)
  Regulation of cell population proliferation (BP)
  Circulatory system development (BP)
  Protein domain-specific binding (MF)
Cs Cellular response to stress and oxidative stress (BP)
  Cellular response to DNA damage (BP)
  Organic substance metabolic processes including metabolism of peptides (BP)
  Multicellular organism growth and skeletal system development (BP)
  Protein-DNA complex assembly (BP)
  Regulation of I-kappaB kinase/NF-kappaB signaling (BP)
Cu Cellular response to stress (BP)
  Cellular response to DNA damage (BP)
  Response to wounding (BP)
  DNA metabolic process (BP)
  Homeostasis and regulation of body fluid levels (BP)
  Viral process (BP)
  Biological process involved in symbiotic interaction (BP)
  Nucleolus and nuclear protein-containing complex (CC)
Se Response to stress (BP)
  Secretion and vesicle-mediated transport (BP)
  Cell activation (BP)
  Cytokine production and regulation of cytokine production (BP)
  Programmed cell death (BP)
  Immune and inflammatory response (BP)
  Biological process involved in interspecies interaction between organisms (BP)
  Secretion and vesicle-mediated transport (BP)
  Extracellular space (CC)
  Secretory vesicle and vesicle lumen (CC)
Zn Cation transport (BP)
  Regulation of transmembrane transport (BP)
  Sensory and visual system development (BP)
  System and nervous system process (BP)
  Multicellular organismal signaling (BP)
  1. Prenatal exposure to Cr, Cs, Cu, Se, and Zn was associated with 18, 20, 17, 41, and 18 GO terms, respectively (p < 0.05). GO terms were identified for multiple metals are: cellular response to DNA damage stimulus (GO:00069741, associated with Cs and Cu), response to stress (GO:0006950, Cu and Se), and cellular response to stress (GO:0033554; Cs and Cu). Closely related GO terms have been combined; for a complete list of DMR-associated GO terms, see Additional file 2: Spreadsheet 13
  2. BP biological process, CC cellular component, MF molecular function