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Table 2 Characteristics of selected ISUS as proxies and their participation in the diagnostic models

From: Epigenetic quantification of circulating immune cells in peripheral blood of triple-negative breast cancer patients

Cell type ISUS Probe ID Chromosome: Positiona Gene name Genic region LogReg LogReg-VarSel
B cell cg07721872 16:87735256 LOC100129637 Body Yes
  cg04838847 8:110587155 GOLSYN Body Yes
  cg27565966 16:28943198 CD19 TSS200 Yes
Monocyte cg23244761 6:161796850 PARK2 Body Yes
  cg05923857 10:114911615 TCF7L2 Body Yes
  cg24788483 10:114911652 TCF7L2 Body Yes Yes
TCD4 +  cg05617307 10:121413182 BAG3 Body Yes
  cg14477767 4:170195438 Intergenic Yes
  cg20737812 15:86336631 KLHL25 5'UTR Yes
TCD8 +  cg18857618 2:87048489 CD8B Body Yes
  cg00219921 2:87012810 CD8A 3'UTR Yes
  cg06419846 11:66083697 CD248 1stExon Yes Yes
Neu cg25006077 3:152176018 MBNL1 Body Yes
  cg25739938 2:9528072 CPSF3 Body Yes
  cg05398700 14:102677141 WDR20 Body Yes
NK cg08326410 19:55314884 KIR2DL4 TSS200 Yes Yes
  cg23855986 11:129980502 APLP2 Body Yes Yes
  cg23060465 8:141625545 EIF2C2 Body Yes
Treg cg04920616 X:49121288 FOXP3 TSS200 Yes
  cg02033323 X:49005257 FOXP3 5'UTR Yes
  cg07499259 1:12188502 TNFRSF8 Body Yes
  1. Neu, neutrophil; NK, natural killer cell; Treg, regulatory T cell; LogReg, logistic regression; LogReg-VarSel, variable selection in logistic regression
  2. aHuman GRCh37/hg19) Assembly