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Table 3 Significant CpG sites associated with incident coronary heart disease (CHD) in the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) over 25 years

From: Associations between DNA methylation and BMI vary by metabolic health status: a potential link to disparate cardiovascular outcomes

CpG site Hazard ratio 95% CI P value
cg02851049a 0.90 (0.81, 0.99) 0.030
cg20210586a 1.09 (1.00, 1.19) 0.046
cg16461485a 0.94 (0.89, 0.99) 0.031
cg16461485b 0.93 (0.88, 0.99) 0.023
cg16543390b 1.06 (1.01, 1.11) 0.028
  1. Cox proportional hazard model examining the association between incident CHD and β value of the 22 CpG sites in discovery analysis. Models adjusted for age, race/ethnicity, smoking status, case–control status (BAA23 and AS311), DNA methylation array, row, and cell composition in reduced modela and reduced model covariates and physical activity and diet in the full modelb