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Table 1 Clinical trials of DNMT inhibitor monotherapies for solid tumors

From: DNA methyltransferase inhibitors combination therapy for the treatment of solid tumor: mechanism and clinical application

Drug Tumor types Regiment Phase Patients number Result Year
Azacitidine Solid tumors(breast cancer, melanoma, colon cancer) 1.0–24.0 mg/kg/day and were given over a minimal period of 8 days I 30 SD:11/22 PD:11/22 1972
  Solid tumor (breast cancer and other carcinoma) 1.6 mg/kg/day on days 1–10 and followed by a maintenance regimen II 148 1977
CC-486 Relapsed or refractory solid tumors 300 mg/day (oral) on days 1–14 and day 21 I 20 PR:3/8 SD:4/8 2018
Fazarabine Refractory metastatic colon cancer 2 mg/m2/h, continuous infusion 72 h every 3–4 weeks II 18 1993
  Refractory solid tumors 30 mg/m2, daily bolus 5 times I 1993
Decitabine Metastatic solid tumors 20–40 mg/m2/day continuous infusion on days 1–3 (28-day cycle) I 19 PD:14/14 2003
  Solid tumors (ovarian, renal, breast, colon) 2 mg/m2/day 7-day continuous infusion (28-day cycle) I 10 SD:2/9 PD:7/9 2005