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Table 2 Smoking-related disease GWAS SNPs associated with methylation and gene expression

From: Epigenome-wide association study of whole blood gene expression in Framingham Heart Study participants provides molecular insight into the potential role of CHRNA5 in cigarette smoking-related lung diseases

SNPs Trait SNP-associated CpG sites Beta of SNP-CpG association SNP-associated expression of genes Beta of SNP–gene expression association Beta of CpG–gene expression association
rs8034191 Lung cancer cg19696491 0.011 CHRNA5 0.052 0.71
rs17486278 (rs11858836
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease cg22563815 0.013 0.05 0.88
rs57221529 Lung disease severity in cystic fibrosis cg26850624 0.030 AHRR 0.26 1.81
rs1056562 Lung adenocarcinoma cg03234777 0.0097 AMICA1 0.15 1.51