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Table 8 Top 15 Differentially Variable Regions for lymphatic–hematopoietic cancers

From: DNA methylation and cancer incidence: lymphatic–hematopoietic versus solid cancers in the Strong Heart Study

Positions Chr Width N CpGs Stouffer p value Gene Function Overlapping promoters
24910562: 24912896 chr6 2335 21 1.55E−51 FAM65B Inhibits the proliferation of human leukemic T cells FAM65B-001
32447944: 32456069 chr11 8126 42 7.89E−33 WT1 Oncogene in Acute Myeloid Leukemia WT1-001, WT1-005, WT1-002, WT1-AS-001, WT1-AS-201, WT1-AS-005, WT1-009, WT1-004, WT1-AS-003, WT1-AS-004, WT1-AS-002, WT1-AS-006, WT1-006, WT1-003
748992: 749620 chr20 629 9 1.66E−23 SLC52A3 Predictive and prognostic biomarker in esophageal cancer SLC52A3-001, SLC52A3-004, SLC52A3-003
36147197: 36150135 chr20 2939 48 1.08E−17 BLCAP Regulates cell proliferation and coordinate apoptosis and cell cycle progression. Associated to bladder and cervical cancers NNAT-001, NNAT-002, BLCAP-009, BLCAP-010, BLCAP-005
27141388: 27144595 chr7 3208 28 2.55E−17 HOXA2 Aberrant expression associated to several cancers HOXA2-001
16829666: 16830859 chr19 1194 10 8.58E−12 NWD1 Suggested causal role in dysregulation of androgen receptor signaling during prostate cancer progression NWD1-002, NWD1-001, NWD1-006
42950995: 42952369 chr5 1375 5 6.85E−11 LOC648987 Uncharacterized function -
157164556:157165335 chr1 780 5 1.72E−10 ETV3 Transcriptional repressor associated to dendritic cell tumor -
13120555: 13123217 chr19 2663 7 3.50E−10 NFIX DNA-binding transcription factor activity NFIX-009, NFIX-008
121624862: 121625735 chr2 874 6 2.07E−09 GLI2 Zinc finger protein thought to play a role in embryogenesis RP11-297J22.1-001
36665826: 36667782 chr17 1957 10 2.23E−09 ARHGAP23 Increases p53 proto-oncogene’s transactivity -
46997630: 46999840 chr19 2211 19 1.03E−08 PPP5D1 MAPK signaling pathway. Abnormal MAPK signaling may lead to uncontrolled cell proliferation and resistance to apoptosis AC011484.1-201, PNMAL2-201, PNMAL2-004, PNMAL2-001
42431109: 42433041 chr17 1933 8 1.68E−08 FAM171A2 Associated to ceroid lipofuscinosis GRN-022
78526804: 78527410 chr15 607 5 3.19E−08 ACSBG1 Associated to malignant ovarian surface epithelial-stromal neoplasm and ovary epithelial cancer ACSBG1-001, ACSBG1-201, ACSBG1-012, ACSBG1-014, ACSBG1-002, ACSBG1-008, ACSBG1-003
17603531: 17604184 chr17 654 6 3.55E−08 RAI1 Transcriptional regulator of the circadian clock components. Chromatin remodeling -
  1. Models adjusted for age, smoking status (never, former, current), sex (male/female), BMI (kg/m2), Houseman cell proportions (CD8T, CD4T, NK, B cells and monocytes), five genetic PCs and study center (Arizona, Oklahoma or Dakota)