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Table 4 Annotation file of the significant CpG sites with high genetic control

From: Genetic and environmental determinants of O6-methylguanine DNA-methyltransferase (MGMT) gene methylation: a 10-year longitudinal study of Danish twins

CpG site Gene (Name) Gene (Group) Positiona CpG-SNPb Allelesd MAFc of CpG-SNPs CpG Island (Name) Relation_to_Island
cg06952798 MGMT Body 131,356,999 rs78877238 C/T 0.05(T)   OpenSea
cg27275103 MGMT Body 131,477,739 rs77705384 C/T 0.14(T)   OpenSea
cg16255663 MGMT Body 131,350,999 rs61859885 G/A 0.09(A)   OpenSea
cg09993319 MGMT Body 131,529,435 rs7898151 G/A/T 0.47(G)   OpenSea
cg17686260 MGMT Body 131,412,764      OpenSea
cg26201213 MGMT Body 131,265,796     chr10:131,264,948–131,265,710 S_Shore
  1. aPosition is for reference genome build hg19/GRCh37
  2. bCpG-SNP corresponds to the SNPs present at the CpG interrogation
  3. cMAF represents minor allele frequency, frequency of the second most frequent allele in 1000 Genomes European population. MAF of CpG-SNPs was obtained from Ensembl for hg19 (
  4. dReference/Alternative alleles (Forward strand)