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Table 3 The diagnostic accuracy of different screening strategies for cervical histology

From: DNA methylation for cervical cancer screening: a training set in China

Histology of cervixCytologyhrHPVEPB41L3 or JAM3hrHPV+ methylation
Inflammation or CIN1 (n = 118)41143088108101126
CIN2+ (n = 183)12171191645113259124
Sensitivity for CIN2+93.44%89.62%72.13%67.76%
Specificity for CIN2+3.39%25.42%91.53%94.92%
Negative predictive value for CIN2+0.2500.6120.6790.655
Positive predictive value for CIN2+0.6000.6510.9300.954
  1. ASCUS atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance, CIN2+ lesions of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (CIN) 2 or more severe, hrHPV high-risk human papilloma virus, N/A not available
  2. aPositive methylation status indicates calculated values of at least one of the targeted genes below the cutoff values