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Table 3 Mendelian randomization (MR) analysis results, assessing epigenetic mediation between alcohol consumption and ~ 3-year survival at the KHDC3L gene (chromosome 6:74072255-74072376). Inverse-variance weighted adjusted for genetic correlation between mQTLs (IVW), MR Egger and Wald ratio results are each reported as hazard ratios with 95% confidence intervals

From: Identifying epigenetic biomarkers of established prognostic factors and survival in a clinical cohort of individuals with oropharyngeal cancer

Region (gene) MR method SNPs HR 95% CI P
All DMR CpGs
 Chr6:74072255-74072376 (KHDC3L) IVW 4 1.17 0.70 to 1.97 0.55
 Chr6:74072255-74072376 (KHDC3L) MR Egger 4 0.89 0.27 to 2.98 0.85
Sentinel CpG only
 cg19146112 (KHDC3L) Wald ratio 1 1.17 0.54 to 2.53 0.68