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Table 2 Distribution of CRP concentrations

From: Cord blood DNA methylation reflects cord blood C-reactive protein levels but not maternal levels: a longitudinal study and meta-analysis

StudyTiming of measurenGA (week) of measureMean CRPSD CRPMedian CRPCRP range (min–max)
EAGeR1st trimester3228.–9.86
EAGeR2nd trimester30420.–10
EAGeR3rd trimester32036.–9.94
EAGeRAUC log (CRP)359n/a46.214.443.813.98–97.83
EAGeRDelivery CRP358Delivery0.20.40.10–5.67
INMA1st trimester26613.–9.38
PREDO1st trimester24213.–9.78
Generation R1st trimester77313.–10.0