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Table 1 EAGeR maternal and infant characteristics

From: Cord blood DNA methylation reflects cord blood C-reactive protein levels but not maternal levels: a longitudinal study and meta-analysis

   PlaceboLow-dose aspirin 
n = 358n/mean%/SDn/mean%/SDn/mean%/SDp value
Maternal age (years)28.24.428.24.628.24.30.91
High school or more32089%15791%16388%0.27
Randomized to aspirin18552%00185100%n/a
≥ $100,000 income15243%6839%8445%0.65
BMI (kg/m2)25.25.625.
Female baby17950%9354%8646%0.20
Gestational age (wk)38.91.638.91.7338.91.370.98
Birth weight (g)3347.0475.03358.3514.53336.6436.20.67
  1. Missing (n), BMI (3), smoking (2)