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Fig. 5 | Clinical Epigenetics

Fig. 5

From: Comprehensive longitudinal study of epigenetic mutations in aging

Fig. 5

The longitudinal change of four CpGs in 93 samples from 26 individuals measured by 450k array (left panel) and pyrosequencing (Pyroseq, right panel) techniques. Methylation levels of a cg05270750 from 450 k-chip, b cg05270750 from Pyroseq, c cg17338133 from 450 k-chip, d cg17338133 from Pyroseq, e cg25351353 from 450 k-chip, f cg25351353 from Pyroseq, g cg05124918 from 450-chip, and h cg05124918 from Pyroseq. Samples are shown as points colored by their mutation status defined by the 450k data and lines links longitudinal samples collected in the same individual

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