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Table 1 Demographic and clinical characteristics of gingivo-buccal oral squamous cell carcinoma patients included in this study

From: Epigenomic dysregulation-mediated alterations of key biological pathways and tumor immune evasion are hallmarks of gingivo-buccal oral cancer

Clinical characteristicsMethylation discovery setMethylation validation setExpression discovery setExpression validation set
(n = 43)(n = 44)(n = 36)(n = 36)
Age (in years)
 Mean50.81 ± 12.7748.7 ± 9.950.33 ± 11.1949.08 ± 10.43
 < 409775
 > 6013678
 Tobacco chewing16221718
 Tobacco chewing and (smoking and/or alcohol)25171513
 Smoking and/or alcohol1434
Tumour stage*
Lymph node invasion*
  1. *All patients were M0 (no metastasis) at first presentation when tissue samples were collected for analysis