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Table 1 Cohort demographics—brain tissue

From: Alzheimer’s disease-associated (hydroxy)methylomic changes in the brain and blood

 AD patientsNon-demented controls
Age of death (mean ± SD)85.09 (6.24)84.46 (5.50)
PMI (Mean ± SD)2.77 (0.69)2.87 (1.03)
Plaque total (mean ± SD)12.97 (2.25)4.65 (4.30)
Tangle total (mean ± SD)11.02 (4.16)3.96 (2.10)
Braak stage (range (median))II–VI (V)I–IV (III)
  1. The brain tissue cohort consisted of 80 middle temporal gyrus (MTG) tissue samples obtained from the Banner Sun Health Research Institute (Sun City, AZ, USA), from which HM 450K array BS and oxBS data was generated. Displayed is the number of samples in each group and the distributions of gender, age, postmortem interval (hours), Braak stage, and plaque and tangle total (the sum of average Aβ plaque densities and tangle densities (resp.) in the entorhinal cortex, hippocampus, parietal lobe cortex, temporal lobe cortex and frontal lobe cortex)