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Fig. 9

From: Region-specific glucocorticoid receptor promoter methylation has both positive and negative prognostic value in patients with estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer

Fig. 9

Effect of tamoxifen treatment on patients according to GR methylation group. Kaplan-Meier curves show overall survival (a) and disease-free survival (b) with patients grouped by treatment arm (placebo versus tamoxifen) and by methylation status of GR bisulfite sequencing regions C and U. Survival at 5 years from treatment arm randomization is shown for each group. Kapan-Meier curves comparing overall survival (c) and disease-free survival (d) between placebo-treated patients in the U methylated, C unmethylated group (red) compared to all other patients in the study cohort (blue). P values were derived from log-rank tests

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