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Fig. 4

From: Random forest-based modelling to detect biomarkers for prostate cancer progression

Fig. 4

ZIC2 immunostaining in > 12,000 micro-arrayed PCa cases. a Examples of negative (no nuclear staining, upper panels) and strong staining (lower panels). b Association between ZIC2 immunostaining results and the ERG-status determined by IHC and FISH analysis. c Association between ZIC2 immunostaining and deletions of 10q23 (PTEN), 6q15 (MAP 3 K7), 5q21 (CHD1) and 3p13 (FOXP1) for all cancers (a), ERG fusion-negative (b) and ERG fusion-positive subset (c) according to ERG-IHC analysis. d Kaplan-Meier curves for the relationship of ZIC2 immunostaining with PSA recurrence-free survival in all cancers (a), in ERG fusion-negative cancers (b), in ERG fusion-positive cancers (c), in PTEN normal cancers (d) and in PTEN deleted cancers (e). Log-rank p values

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