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Fig. 6

From: DNA methyltransferase isoforms expression in the temporal lobe of epilepsy patients with a history of febrile seizures

Fig. 6

Global 5-mC and 5-hmc patterns in the neocortex. a, c Representative pictures of 5-mC staining (a) and 5-hmc staining (c) in the neocortex of TLE patients and controls. Scale bars represent 100 μm. b, d ImageJ quantification of the integrated density of 5-mc staining (b) and 5-hmc staining (d) in the neocortex. n = 6–8 per group. Error bars show SEM. **p < 0.01 and ***p < 0.001 for significant difference to CTRL. CTRL = control; HS = TLE without HS; HS+ = TLE with HS; HS+FS+ = TLE with HS and FS

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