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Fig. 3 | Clinical Epigenetics

Fig. 3

From: Comparative DNA methylomic analyses reveal potential origins of novel epigenetic biomarkers of insulin resistance in monocytes from virally suppressed HIV-infected adults

Fig. 3

Monocyte methylation levels of DMLs vary considerably more in IR individuals compared to that of IS and maintain an HSC-like state. a Scatter plot of the first two principal components displays the distribution of variability of the DNA methylation at the DMLs for monocytes of IS (blue) and IR (red) individuals, with methylation data at these sites from HSCs (green) shown. Peaks distributed on the X axis (upper perimeter) and Y axis (right perimeter) represent the density of samples present on that axis with matched colors. b and c Representation of the degree of divergence and/or maintenance of methylation between IR (b) or IS (c) and HSCs of each DML. Dotted line represents cut-off (10% difference in methylation of the δ value) for divergence from HSCs. Values ≤ − 0.10 represents hypomethylation in either the IR or IS group vs HSCs, whereas values ≥ 0.10 represents hypermethylation in either the IR or IS group vs HSCs. Values ≤ 0.10 but ≥ − 0.10 are loci considered to maintain methylation levels in either the IR or IS group to a similar degree as in HSCs. Table above b and c shows the count and frequency (%) of DMLs that diverge or maintain methylation levels relative to HSCs

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