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Fig. 4

From: ZBTB12 DNA methylation is associated with coagulation- and inflammation-related blood cell parameters: findings from the Moli-family cohort

Fig. 4

Prediction binding site analysis of ZBTB12 transcription factors. PROMO/TRANSFAC Transcription Factor Prediction analysis on ZBTB12 sequences including a CpG1, b CpG3–4, c CpG11. The length of each box indicating the transcription factor identifies its predicted binding sequence. The number into each box identifies the specific transcription factor (0 = PAX-5; 1 = p53; 2 = TFII-I; 3 = c-Ets-1; 4 = STAT4; 5 = Elk-1; 6 = XBP-1; 7 = GCF; 8 = E2F-1)

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