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Fig. 3

From: ZBTB12 DNA methylation is associated with coagulation- and inflammation-related blood cell parameters: findings from the Moli-family cohort

Fig. 3

Whole blood clotting times and white blood cell counts by Factor methylation levels. a Whole blood clotting times by Factor 2 methylation levels: basal (blue, solid line) and TNF-ɑ-stimulated (red, dashed line) whole blood coagulation times and their difference (Delta = basal minus stimulated; green, dash-dot line). b Count of white blood cell (WBC) populations by Factor 1 methylation levels: WBC (blue, solid line) and sub-populations of granulocytes (red, short-dashed line), lymphocytes (green, dot-dashed line), and monocyte (brown, long-dashed line). A local regression with a scatterplot smoothing method that automatically determines the optimal smoothing parameter was used (PROC SGPLOT with LOESS statement in SAS). Local regression method implies that statistical power decreases at extreme x values (larger confidence intervals)

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