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Fig. 5

From: Exploring targets of TET2-mediated methylation reprogramming as potential discriminators of prostate cancer progression

Fig. 5

Tumor methylation comparison of candidate genes and predictive ability for recurrence. a Unsupervised heatmap depicting methylation beta values normalized by probe for seven genes exhibiting significantly altered expression and methylation in both knockouts and matched prostate tumor and normal samples (n = 50). Methylation gradient bar indicates normalized methylation levels, ranging from highest (yellow) to lowest (dark blue). Dendrograms indicate clustering between tissue samples. b X-tile analysis depicting methylation probes significantly associated with outcome. High-methylation probe status (gray, above cutoff) was indicative of worse recurrence-free survival as compared to patients with low-methylation probe status (blue, below cutoff) for the three probes shown. Log-rank p values are indicated on each graph

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