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Table 2 CpG site-specific model results for the significant CpG sites for alcohol intake (adjusted for recruitment center, age at recruitment, menopausal status, and level of different lymphocyte subtypes)

From: Association of leukocyte DNA methylation changes with dietary folate and alcohol intake in the EPIC study

CpG names Alcohol intake CpG characteristics
β (1SD) 1 q val 2 % change3 Associated genes Gene region4 Island5 Chr
1 cg03199996 0.263 0.029 9.7 FAM65C Body Open sea 20
2 cg07382687 − 0.257 0.048 − 10.3 CREB3L2 Body Open sea 7
  1. 1Coefficients for 1 standard deviation alcohol intake (SD = 11.8)
  2. 2False discovery rate (FDR) adjusted p values
  3. 3Percentage of methylation change for an increase of 1 SD increase of alcohol intake
  4. 4Gene region feature category describing the CpG position, from UCSC. TSS200 200 bases upstream of the transcriptional start site (TSS); TSS1500 1500 bases upstream of the TSS; 5′UTR within the 5′ untranslated region, between the TSS and the ATG start site; body between the ATG and stop codon irrespective of the presence of introns, exons, TSS, or promoters; 3′UTR between the stop codon and poly A signal
  5. 5The location of the CpG relative to the CpG island. Shore 0–2 kb from island, Shelf 2–4 kb from island, N upstream (5′) of CpG island, S downstream (3′) of CpG island, open sea isolated CpGs in the genome