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Fig. 4

From: Identification of potential blood biomarkers for Parkinson’s disease by gene expression and DNA methylation data integration analysis

Fig. 4

Enrichment analysis results and characteristics of DMGs based on all region CpGs. a Hyper-methylated genes enrichment analysis dotplot. The x-axis is the gene ratio. The y-axis is the enriched term list. The dot size represents the number of genes associated with a specific term. The dot color represents the adjusted p value of GSEA. b Hypo-methylated genes enrichment analysis dotplot. c Venn plot for different region DMGs and all region DMGs. The numbers on the diagram represent the DMG numbers in a specific region or multiple regions. Each region name is labeled beside the region circle. d Hypo-up genes genome position. The inner track is a pie chart for different overlap groups. Hypo-up represents hypo-methylated and upregulated genes. Hyper-up represents hyper-methylated and upregulated genes. Hypo-down represents hypo-methylated and downregulated genes. The second track is the barplot for the delta of beta value of hypo-up genes. The third track is the barplot for log2FC of hypo-up genes. The fourth track is parts of hypo-up gene names. The fifth track is the link from hypo-up gene name to chromosome position. The outer track is each chromosome

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