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Table 14 Probes in candidate gene analysis showing differential methylation according to baseline anxiety (BAI) at uncorrected p?<?0.01

From: Exploring the effect of antenatal depression treatment on children’s epigenetic profiles: findings from a pilot randomized controlled trial

CpG p Adjusted pa Gene Gene region Ƨ
cg26880525 0.00670039 0.998778059 HSD11B1 5'UTR −0.07833178
cg07704699 0.007191379 0.998778059 BDNF Body 0.026796044
cg13670288 0.007464434 0.998778059 IGF2 Body −0.003490477
cg23273257 0.009092701 0.998778059 NR3C1 3'UTR −0.014724328
  1. ?ß = mean ß (severely anxious) - mean ß (mildly anxious)
  2. TSS transcription start site, UTR untranslated region
  3. aAdjusted for multiple testing [45]