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Fig. 1

From: Liver DNA methylation of FADS2 associates with FADS2 genotypex

Fig. 1

Association between estimated delta-6 desaturase activity in serum and liver and DNA methylation of CpG sites in FADS2. A Spearman’s correlation was run to assess the relationship between methylation levels and delta-6 desaturase activity (n = 49 for serum and n = 19 for liver). Data is presented as Spearman correlation coefficient, and associations with a nominal p value < 0.05, which remained significant after correction for multiple testing using the Benjamini-Hochberg procedure with FDR 0.25, are indicated by boxes around the correlation coefficient. Positive correlations indicated with red and negative correlations with blue. Activity of delta-6 desaturase was estimated by a ratio of 18:3 n-6/18:2 n-6 in cholesteryl esters (CE) and triglycerides (TG)

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