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Fig. 7

From: Elevated H3K27me3 levels sensitize osteosarcoma to cisplatin

Fig. 7

H3K27me3 alterations affect OS chemosensitivity through PRKCA via phosphorylation of BCL2 and modulation of RAF/ERK/MAPK cascades. a ChIP-qPCR analysis of H3K27me3 enrichment in the PRKCA and MCL1 gene promoters in control, EPZ-6438-treated or GSK-J4-treated OS cells. b Venn diagram of the number of enriched signaling pathway in and shared between the indicated groups. c KEGG pathway analysis of 7 common overlapping pathways in the three circles in b. d Western blot analysis of pRAF, RAF, pERK, ERK, pBCL2, BCL2, PRKCA, and H3K27me3 levels (GAPDH serves as the control). e Schematic diagram of H3K27me3 alteration. f Schematic diagram of the underlying mechanism by which alterations in H3K27me3 affect OS chemosensitivity. Alterations in H3K27me3 directly regulate the expression of PRKCA and MCL1, leading to subsequent phosphorylation of BCL2 and activation of RAF/ERK/MAPK cascades. *P < 0.05, **P < 0.01

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