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Table 4 Loss of epigenetic mark immunoreactivity among different cell types in young adult mouse hippocampal dentate gyrus

From: DNA methylation and histone post-translational modification stability in post-mortem brain tissue

  Nuclear morphology
Epigenetic modification Observed change (time point) Large round Intermediate Small round Small long/irregular Endothelial/smooth muscle
5mC 72 h Minimal     
5hmC 72 h      
5fC 72 h      
5caC 72 h Minimal     
H3K4me3 72 h     Minimal Minimal
72 h Minimal    Minimal  
H3K27me2 72 h Moderate     
H3K27me3 72 h Minimal    Minimal Minimal
H3K36me3 72 h     Minimal  
H3K9ac 48 h Moderate    Minimal  
H3K14acA 72 h Minimal     Minimal
H3K27ac 72 h Minimal    Minimal  
H4K5ac 48 h Moderate     
H4K12ac 48 h Moderate     
H4K16ac 48 h n/a     
Total H3 48 h Minimal Minimal    
Total H4 72 h Minimal Minimal   Minimal  
  1. A Large nuclei were not positively stained at 0 h
  2. A blank cell represents no change