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Fig. 4

From: Smoking induces coordinated DNA methylation and gene expression changes in adipose tissue with consequences for metabolic health

Fig. 4

Tissue-shared and adipose-specific smoking signals. a Tissue-shared DNA methylation effects across adipose tissue and whole blood. The bar-plot shows the -log10 P value of the 42 smoking-DMS in adipose samples (blue), and the corresponding P value in the blood samples (red bars). Gene names in bold denote significantly associated genes in both tissues. b Tissue-shared and tissue-specific DNA methylation effects for adipose tissue, whole blood, skin, and lung cancer tissue at 2q37.1, AHRR, and CYP1A1. Each bar represents the coefficient estimate from smoking-EWAS with standard error bars. Positive values indicate a hypermethylation in current smokers. Colors reflect tissues, with coefficients in adipose (blue), blood (red), skin (gray), and lung tissue (yellow). N.S. indicates non-significance. c Examples of smoking effects that are tissue-shared and tissue-specific across adipose (blue) and blood (red) samples in our datasets, including adipose-specific (CYP1A1 in our dataset) and tissue-shared (2q37.1 and F2RL3) smoking-DMS

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