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Fig. 2

From: Smoking induces coordinated DNA methylation and gene expression changes in adipose tissue with consequences for metabolic health

Fig. 2

Coordinated smoking-associated DNA methylation and gene expression changes in adipose tissue. a Manhattan plots of genome-wide results for methylation (upper panel) and gene expression (lower panel) association with smoking in 345 adipose samples. Smoking-DMS and smoking-DES are indicated above the 1% FDR line (green dashed line) and are classified by direction of effect for current smokers who have higher (red dots) or lower (blue dots) methylation or expression levels compared to non-smokers. Genes highlighted by purple blocks represent five smoking-induced differentially methylated and expressed genes. b Methylation–expression correlation at five genes with coordinated smoking-DMS and smoking-DES. Pairwise Spearman’s correlation coefficients between methylation and gene expression levels for 54 current smokers (red bars) and 291 non-smokers (blue bars). Asterisk indicates significance at P < 0.05. c Discrimination of current and non-smokers using gene expression levels at the five overlapping genes. Receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curves are shown for the following combinations of predictors: CYP1A1 gene expression level (red) and five smoking-DES (black) in the full dataset as an illustrative example, including AUC values from the full dataset

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