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Fig. 7

From: Loss of maternal EED results in postnatal overgrowth

Fig. 7

Deletion of Ezh2 significantly reduced H3K27me3 in growing oocytes and weight in offspring: a representative confocal images of immunofluorescence in ovary sections from adult Ezh2fl/fl and Ezh2fl/fl;Zp3-Cre female mice. Left panel—merged H3K27me3 (red) and DAPI (DNA; blue); right panel H3K27me3 shown in greyscale. Oocyte nuclei are shown within the white dashed line. Images are representative of three biological replicates; 10 μm scale bars. b Postnatal day (PND) 2 weights of WT and HET offspring produced from Ezh2fl/fl (wt), Ezh2wt/del (het) and Ezh2del/del(hom) oocytes and wild type sperm (WT offspring from wt oocytes n = 19; WT offspring from het oocytes n = 18; HET offspring from het oocytes n = 12; HET offspring from hom oocytes n = 19). *P < 0.05, **P < 0.01, one-way ANOVA plus post hoc Tukey’s multiple comparisons test. Error bars ± SEM

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