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Fig. 4

From: Altered DNA methylation is associated with aberrant gene expression in parenchymal but not airway fibroblasts isolated from individuals with COPD

Fig. 4

CpG methylation is differentially variable in parenchymal fibroblasts isolated from donors with COPD versus non-COPD. DNA methylation array data for five CpGs identified as differentially variable in association with COPD status. a cg11475555 within 200 bp of the TRPV3 gene transcription start site. b cg02065151 within 200 bp of the OAT gene transcription start site. c cg24753760. d cg16009558. e cg06247406 all within 200 bp of the GRIK2 gene transcription start site. f Pyrosequencing validation of cg16009559

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