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Fig. 2

From: Integrated analyses of multi-omics reveal global patterns of methylation and hydroxymethylation and screen the tumor suppressive roles of HADHB in colorectal cancer

Fig. 2

Different distributions of methylation and hydroxymethylation. a, b Principal component (PC) analysis based on methylation and hydroxymethylation levels for 0.5-kb tiles across 6 normal and tumor tissue samples. Coloring indicates classification of samples into subgroups. The red area denotes tumor tissues and the green area means normal tissue. c A large number of regions of differential hydroxymethylation (DhMRs) and methylation (DMRs) occur in colorectal cancer. Regions that gain a mark (“hyper-”) are represented by blue bars, whereas losses (“hypo-”) are red. d Visualization of DMRs (left) and DhMRs (right) patterns across all normal and tumor tissues (blue and red bars in the box). Boxed regions with green are candidate DMRs or DhMRs

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