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Table 6 Sensitivity and Specificity of the multiple linear regression equation using a panel of CpG sites

From: Identification of reliable biomarkers of human papillomavirus 16 methylation in cervical lesions based on integration status using high-resolution melting analysis

Patient numbers of SCC group Patient numbers of predictive SCC group Patient numbers of predictive HSIL and LSIL group Total numbers of each defined group Sensitivity% (P < 0.01) Specificity% (P < 0.01)
Patient numbers of SCC group 44 6 60 88  
Patient numbers of HSIL and LSIL group 5 60 65   92.31
  1. The multiple linear regression equation is as follows: Y = 0.006X1 + 0.15X2 + 0.29X3 + 0.93X4 − 0.008; multiple correlation coefficiency R = 0.84, adjusted R2 = 0.70, P < 0.01; X1, X2, X3, and X4 represent the value of CpG sites nt5606, nt5609, nt5615, and nt5378, respectively; when Y > 0.5, this is determined as positive, and when 0 < Y < 0.5, this is determined as negative