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Table 2 Cross talk between PcG proteins and HIV-1 in the maintenance of viral latency

From: Epigenetic regulation of HIV-1 latency: focus on polycomb group (PcG) proteins

Polycomb group protein PcG complex HIV-1 proteins Biochemical interaction
Embryonic ectoderm development (EED) PRC-2 MA, IN and Nef Induces antiviral activities at the last stage of HIV-1 replication.
Phosphorylated enhancer of Zeste (p-EZH2) PRC-2 Tat Induces HIV-1 latency through Akt signaling pathway.
Retinoblastoma binding protein 4 (RbAp48/RBBP4) PRC2 HIV-1 5′ LTR Inhibits the production of viral particles at the transcriptional level.
Enhancer of Zeste 2 (EZH2) PRC2 HIV-1 5′ LTR Induces repressive mark on H3K27me3.
Suppressor of Zeste 12 (Su(z)12) PRC2 HIV-1 5′ LTR Catalyzes trimethylation in constitutive heterochromatin on H3K9 and H3K27.
Ying Yang 1 (YY1) PhoRC 5′ LTR Represses HIV-1 transcription and viral production.
BMI1 and RING1A PRC1 5′ LTR Regulate HIV-1 latency.
Catalyze ubiquitination at H2K119
CBX PRC1 5′ LTR Binds to H3K27 trimethylation marks produced by PRC2 and induces E3-ligase activities.