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Fig. 5

From: DNA methylation alterations in iPSC- and hESC-derived neurons: potential implications for neurological disease modeling

Fig. 5

Genome-wide and single gene DNA methylation analysis. a Volcano plot showing CpG methylation changes during neuronal differentiation. HESC- and iPSC-derived NSC and neurons were grouped together due to their high similarity, respectively. We calculated the difference for each NSC and neuronal pair (Δ) based on a paired t test of p < 0.001 (red line). Δ of 0.2 represents 20% difference in CpG methylation. We detected minor genome-wide DMCG. Neurons exhibited more significantly hypermethylated CpGs compared to their matched NSC (positive values) than hypomethylated CpGs (negative values). Significant DNA methylation changes during neuronal differentiation of selected NDD-associated single genes (APP, PMP22, SNCA, GNAS) were not detected. b Number of differentially hypo- and hypermethylated CpGs (DMCG) in hESC- and iPSC-derived neurons compared to NSC, respectively. Neurons demonstrate more hyper- than hypomethylated DMCG compared to NSC. c Annotation of hypo- and hypermethylated DMCG at different gene regulatory regions (CpG islands) in hESC- and iPSC-derived neurons compared to NSC

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