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Table 4 Ingenuity Pathway Analysis of differentially methylated genes

From: A multicenter, randomized study of decitabine as epigenetic priming with induction chemotherapy in children with AML

  p value Overlap n (%)
Arm A top canonical pathways
 Neuropathic pain signaling in doral horn neurons 7.5e−12 35/100 (35.0%)
 Glutamate receptor signaling 2.45e−11 25/57 (43.9%)
 Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis signaling 2.05e−09 31/98 (31.6%)
 Synaptic long-term potentiation 1.00e−06 30/119 (25.2%
 Hepatic fibrosis/hepatic stellate cell activation 1.01e−06 40/183 (21.9%)
Arm B top canonical pathways
 Transcriptional regulatory network in embryonic stem cells 2.68e−04 4/40 (10.0%)
 Thrombin signaling 7.94e−04 7/191 (3.7%)
 GPCR-mediated integration of enteroendocrine signaling Exemplified by an L Cell 2.36e−03 4/71 (5.6%)
 Signaling by Rho Family GTPases 2.54e−03 7/234 (3.0%)
 CXCR4 signaling 7.03e−03 5/152 (3.3%)
  1. Differentially methylated genes for Arm A (decitabine + chemotherapy; n = 2518) and Arm B (chemotherapy alone; n = 539) were entered into the core pathway analysis option. Top 5 canonical pathways are shown along with a significant p value and the number of genes in each list belonging to the pathway