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Fig. 2

From: Transcriptomics and methylomics in chronic periodontitis with tobacco use: a pilot study

Fig. 2

Gene Ontology Biological Processes (GO-BP) term enrichment analysis. a Non-smoker/non-periodontitis (NN) vs. smoker/non-periodontitis (SN). b NN vs. non-smoker/periodontitis (NP). c NP vs. smoker/periodontitis (SP). d NS vs. SP. Left boxes show the group used for the GO enrichment analysis. Right horizontal bar charts show enrichment analysis performed using clusterProfiler. The top five enriched GO-BP categories are listed. The P values are sorted by significance (low, blue; high, red). The bar length represents the observed number of genes in the experimental set within the respective KEGG pathway. e Summary plot for the most significant GO-BP terms in each group

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