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Fig. 1

From: Epigenetic silencing of SALL3 is an independent predictor of poor survival in head and neck cancer

Fig. 1

Schematic representation of SALL3 gene methylation analysis by qMSP and evaluation of SALL3 expression by qRT-PCR in UM-SCC cell lines. a Colored boxes indicate the three regions examined by qMSP (P1, blue box; P2, red box; P3, green box). Grayed boxes indicate the regions examined by MUP. The bent arrow indicates the TSS. CpG sites are indicated by black vertical lines. The gray box denotes the exon 1. b qMSP of the SALL3 promoter region in HNSCC cell lines. Genomic DNA of non-malignant cells was included as a control (P1, blue box; P2, red box; P3, green box). c Relative mRNA expression level of SALL3, as determined by qRT-PCR in 11 UM-SCC and two normal cell lines. d Effect of 5-azacytidine on SALL3 expression in four cell lines with densely methylated SALL3, as evaluated by qRT-PCR. Controls were cells were similarly treated but without 5-azacytidine

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