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Table 1 Summary of clinical trials describing HDAC and DNMT inhibitors in combination with immune checkpoint blockade therapy [130]

From: Epi-drugs in combination with immunotherapy: a new avenue to improve anticancer efficacy

Clinical trial identifier Status Phase Cancer type Epigenetic drug Immune checkpoint inhibitor Additional intervention
NCT02635061 Not yet recruiting I Unresectable NSCLC ACY-241 Nivolumab and ipilimumab  
NCT01686165 Not yet recruiting II DLBCL Belinostat Rituximab Yttrium-90
NCT02453620 Recruiting I Metastatic unresectable HER2-negative breast cancer Entinostat Nivolumab and ipilimumab  
NCT02909452 Recruiting I Advanced solid tumours Entinostat Pembrolizumab  
NCT03024437 Not yet recruiting I/II Advanced cell carcinoma Entinostat Atezolizumab Bevacizumab
NCT02708680 Recruiting I/II Breast cancer Entinostat Atezolizumab  
NCT02697630 Recruiting II Metastatic uveal melanoma Entinostat Prembrolizumab  
NCT02805660 Recruiting I/II Advanced solid tumours and NSCLC Mocetinostat Durvalumab  
NCT02437136 Recruiting I/II NSCLC and melanoma Entinostat Pembrolizumab  
NCT02993991 Not yet recruiting I Squamus cell carcinoma of the oral cavity Mocetinostat Durvalumab  
NCT02032810 Recruiting I Unresectable stage III/IV melanoma Panobinostat Ipilimumab  
NCT01238692 Not yet recruiting II DLBCL Panobinostat Rituximab  
NCT01282476 Not yet recruiting II DLBCL Panobinostat Rituximab  
NCT02512172 Recruiting I Advanced CRC Romidepsin and/or 5-AZA Pembrolizumab  
NCT02538510 Recruiting I/II HNSCC and SGC Vorinostat Pembrolizumab  
NCT02638090 Recruiting I/II Stage IV NSCLC Vorinostat Pembrolizumab  
NCT02619253 Recruiting I/II Advanced renal or urothelial cell carcinoma Vorinostat Pembrolizumab  
NCT02395627 Recruiting II Hormone therapy-resistant breast cancer Vorinostat Pembrolizumab Tamoxifen
NCT00667615 Not yet recruiting I/II DLBCL Vorinostat Rituximab Cyclophosphamide, etoposide, prednisone
NCT00720876 Not yet recruiting II Lymphoma Vorinostat Rituximab  
NCT00972478 Not yet recruiting I/II DLBCL Vorinostat Rituximab Cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin, prednisone, vincristin
NCT00764517 Not recruiting II Lymphoma Vorinostat Rituximab Cladribine
NCT00918723 Not yet recruiting I Lymphoma/leukaemia Vorinostat Rituximab Cyclophosphamide, fludarabine
NCT02397720 Recruiting II AML 5-AZA Nivolumab  
NCT02260440 Recruiting II Metastatic CRC 5-AZA Pembrolizumab  
NCT02546986 Recruiting II Advanced/metastatic NSCLC 5-AZA Pembrolizumab  
NCT02508870 Recruiting I MDS 5-AZA Atezolizumab  
NCT02951156 Not yet recruiting II DLBCL 5-AZA Rituximab Bendamustine, gemcitabine, oxaliplatin
NCT02530463 Recruiting II MDS 5-AZA Nivolumab and/or ipilimumab  
NCT02399917 Recruiting II Refractory/relapsed AML 5-AZA Lirilumab  
NCT02599649 Recruiting II MDS 5-AZA Lirilumab and nivolumab  
NCT02512172 Recruiting I MSS advanced CRC Romidepsin and/or 5-AZA Pembrolizumab  
NCT02816021 Not yet recruiting II Metastatic melanoma 5-AZA Pembrolizumab  
NCT01928576 Recruiting I NSCLC 5-AZA and/or entinostat Nivolumab  
NCT02795923 Not yet recruiting II NSCLC 5-AZA-CdR/tetrahydrouridine Nivolumab  
NCT02811497 Recruiting II Advanced solid tumours 5-AZA Durvalumab