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Table 3 CV health-related overrepresented pathways identified from differential methylation analysis following an n-3 FA supplementation

From: Epigenetic changes in blood leukocytes following an omega-3 fatty acid supplementation

IPA canonical pathways P value Differentially methylated genes
Tumoricidal function of hepatic natural killer cellsa 0.0017 BAX, CASP6, FAS
RAR activationa 0.0035 AKT3, DHRS9, PRKAG2, PRKCZ, PRKD3, PTEN, TRIM24
VDR/RXR activationb 0.0078 IGFBP5, KLK6, PRKCZ, PRKD3
Fcγ receptor-mediated phagocytosis in macrophages and monocytesa 0.017 AKT3, PRKCZ, PRKD3, PTEN
D-myo-inositol-5-phosphate metabolismb 0.018 NUDT3, PLCH1, PPP2R5E, PTEN, PTPN12
Nitric oxide signaling in the cardiovascular systemc 0.026 AKT3, PRKAG2, PRKCZ, PRKD3
IL-3 signalinga 0.033 AKT3, PRKCZ, PRKD3
PXR/RXR activationb 0.035 AKT3, SLCO1B3, PRKAG2
LPS-stimulated MAPK signalinga 0.035 ATF1, PRKCZ, PRKD3
NF-кB activation by virusesa 0.037 AKT3, PRKCZ, PRKD3
CCR5 signaling in nacrophagesa 0.037 FAS, PRKCZ, PRKD3
Role of NFAT in cardiac hypertrophyc 0.038 AKT3, HDAC4, PRKAG2, PRKCZ, PRKD3
P2Y purigenic receptor signaling pathwayc 0.040 AKT3, PRKAG2, PRKCZ, PRKD3
Cytotoxic T lymphocyte-mediated apoptosis of target cellsa 0.040 FAS, CASP6
PI3K signaling in B lymphocytesa 0.044 AKT3, ATF1, PRKCZ, PTEN
Type II diabetes mellitus signalingd 0.049 AKT3, PRKAG2, PRKCZ, PRKD3
  1. Pathways related to the following: aInflammatory and immune response (n = 9); bLipid metabolism (n = 3); cCardiovascular signaling (n = 3); dDiabetes (n = 1)