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Table 2 Summary of methylation results

From: Epigenetic changes in blood leukocytes following an omega-3 fatty acid supplementation

Probes 485 577
Number of probes detected (P ≤ 0.05) 484 027
 Differentially methylated (FDR-corrected DiffScore ≥ǀ13ǀ) 308
  Hypermethylated after n-3 FA supplementation 286
   Gene body 107
   3′-UTR 34
   1st exon 4
   5′-UTR 19
   Promoter regiona 50
   Intergenic region 72
  Hypomethylated after n-3 FA supplementation 22
   Gene body 5
   3′-UTR 0
   1st exon 1
   5′-UTR 5
   Promoter regiona 6
   Intergenic region 5
  1. Localization according to the first annotated transcript for each CpG site and provided for the Infinium HumanMethylation450 BeadChip
  2. Abbreviations: FDR false discovery rate, UTR untranslated region, TSS transcription start site
  3. aPromoter region includes TSS1500 and TSS200