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Table 1 Summary of well described tumor suppressor genes methylation in melanoma

From: Aberrant DNA methylation in melanoma: biomarker and therapeutic opportunities

Gene name Function Methylation prevalence (%) Methylation context Associated changes Reference
PTEN Inhibitor of PI3K signaling 6–62 Promoter hypermethylation Gene transcription silenced [14, 15, 22]
p16 Inhibitor of CDK4/6 5–27 Promoter hypermethylation NRAS mutation associated [16, 27, 29]
p14 Inhibitor of MDM2 41–57 Promoter hypermethylation Gene transcription decreased [17, 31]
RASSF1A Cell cycle regulator 15–57 Promoter hypermethylation Loss of expression [19, 150]
MGMT DNA repair 35 Promoter hypermethylation No correlation [150]