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Table 1 Summary of genetic mutations in epigenetic writer-reader-eraser proteins or histones in MM

From: Epigenetic strategies to reverse drug resistance in heterogeneous multiple myeloma

Mutations epigenetic writer, reader, or eraser enzymes Epigenetic activity, mutation info
Loss of function (LOF)
Gain of function (GOF)
DNMT3A, TET2 DNA (hydroxy)methylation, LOF
Reduced overall patient survival
[17, 40]
ARID1A/2/4A/5B SWI-SNF chromatin remodelling, LOF [17]
CHD2/4 Chromodomain, missense, frameshift mutations, LOF [17]
SETD2/B2 Histone H3K9 methylase, LOF [17]
UTX/KDM6A Histone H3K27 demethylase, missense mutations, LOF
Reduced overall patient survival
[17, 154]
UTY Histone H3K27demethylase, LOF [154]
EZH2 Histone H3K27 methylase, LOF [155]
MMSET/NSD2/WHSC1 Histone H3K36K27 (de)methylase, translocation, point mutations, LOF/GOF [156, 157]
MLL1/2/3/4/5 Histone H3K4 methylase, missense/nonsense/frameshift/splice-site mutations, LOF [53]
EHMT2 Histone H3K9 methylase,
missense mutations
KDM3B Histone H3K9 demethylase, missense/nonsense/splice-site mutations [17]
EP300/CREBBP Histone acetylase, missense/nonsense/frameshift mutations, LOF [17]
Histone mutations Histone variant Reference
HIST1H1B/C/D/E Core/linker histone,
missense mutations,
frameshift insertion/deletion mutations