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Fig. 2

From: Individual CpG sites that are associated with age and life expectancy become hypomethylated upon aging

Fig. 2

CpGs that correlate with all-cause mortality are hypomethylated upon aging. a For all individual CpGs of the three age predictors (Weidner et al., 99 CpGs; Hannum et al., 71 CpGs; and Horvath, 353 CpGs), the association of ∆age with all-cause mortality was estimated. The P values in the discovery and validation sets of the ESTHER cohort demonstrate moderate reproducibility between the two independent datasets. b, c Subsequently, we analyzed the Spearman correlation of these CpGs with chronological age. CpGs with significant association with all-cause mortality were overall hypomethylated upon aging (in the discovery set (b) and in the validation set (c)). The lines indicate a FDR significance level of 0.05

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