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Fig. 2

From: A methylation PCR method determines FMR1 activation ratios and differentiates premutation allele mosaicism in carrier siblings

Fig. 2

mPCR reveals ARs that correspond with SB results and distinct methylation patterns. a Full electropherogram profile for two representative samples (R34 and R35) showing amplicon peaks for the digestion control (Dig Ctrl), PCR control (PCR Ctrl) and normal and PM alleles. b An enlarged image of the PM region denotes distribution of sizes and methylation patterns. CGG repeat lengths were derived from the FAM channel (blue trace) and percent methylation from the HEX channel (green trace) with allele ratio shown for the normal peak. c) SB analysis of the same samples highlights similarity of allele ratio calculations for the normal allele with lower resolution compared to mPCR. The normal control is a female homozygous 30/30 CGG allele with partial methylation

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