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Fig. 2

From: The emerging role of lysine methyltransferase SETD8 in human diseases

Fig. 2

SETD8 protein structure. a Cartoon showing the C-terminal core SET domain and the locations of the n-SET, i-SET, and c-SET regions (obtained with). b Crystal structure of the SETD8 SET domain (tan), showing bound H4 peptide and substrate residue Lys20 (orange), n-SET (blue), i-SET (dark red), c-SET (dark green) regions, and product cofactor S-adenosyl homocysteine (SAH; white). The picture was prepared using Illustrator for Biological Sequences (IBS) [103] (panel a) and UCSF Chimera [104] (panel b, coordinates from Protein Data Bank (PDB) ID code 1ZKK , chain A) and modified with Adobe Illustrator CS5

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