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Table 3 Covariates adjusted for in the included studies

From: Antidepressant medication during pregnancy and epigenetic changes in umbilical cord blood: a systematic review

Covariates Oberlander et al. (2008) [22] Soubry et al. (2011) [26] Devlin et al. (2010) [25] Schroeder et al. (2012) [27] Non et al. (2014) [28] Gurnot et al. (2015) [29]
Maternal age at delivery   x    x  
Pre-pregnancy BMI   x    x  
Family SES      x  
Neonatal gender     x   
Maternal race   x   x   
Gestational age     x   
Smoking   x     
Marital status   x     
Education   x     
Birth weight   x     
SRI-treatment x   x    x
Maternal mood    x    x